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Currently on a travel meet and greet tour with my boss in the middle east.

At the moment i can just shake my head at the extravagance and luxury in which petro dollars has brought upon these countries, especially in the Arabian peninsular and the Gulf region.

It really is amazing at what the emiratis and the saudis have been able to achive infrastructurally
and in terms of social mobilty wise using their petro dollars.

How ever I believe to stay relevant and to retain such wealth and the current lifestyle the peninsular arabs have grown accustomed to, their leaders must now need to think ahead and plan for sustanability.

My view is, with what they have, they way they are spending and the lavish developments they are embarking; this not their top priority.

A colleague of mine told me that 70 percent of electricity demand in Saudi Arabia comes from air conditioning. If this figure is true, then we can conclude simply this : the Saudis spend more on coolings themselves down than powering industry and economic activities.

And when you spend more in luxuries than on necessities and productivity, then you are a long, long way from achieving sustainability.

Salam aidilfitri

As we head to the end of the holy month of Ramadhan and we enter the festive month of Syawal, allow me to first of all seek the outmost forgiveness and also offer my humble gratitude to the Almighty, for His allowance in enabling me finish and taste another glorious Ramadhan, filled with much barakah and foegiveness, especially for those who seek its bounties.

However in some circles things are much the same and it seems even in the holiest of months there will be no let up of fitnah and the usual verbal onslaught amongst people in the world of politics.

I was surprised and even angered to see that in the month of Ramadhan, muslim politicians, most of whom from the opposition side taking their own sweet time and dilly dallying when it comes to defending their faith and declaring their allegiance, as to whether they are faithful to the faith of Allah and its messenger or the must calculate and balance out political factoids when their faith and Islam as the official religion is challenged.

Please see the much covered JAIS – DUMC bru ha ha for more details. The way in which some politicians handling the matter is quite distasteful and even tantamount to revolting, especially actions undertaken by the Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. His lack of political backbone even when it comes to matters of self principle and faith, i find quite displeasing and speaks volume of his character as a person and a leader.

The spirit of Ramadhan and Eid is then once again tainted this year when it comes to light that the newly annointed PAS Deputy President, Mat Sabu chose to degrade a group of policemen and their families; all of whom were killed when the communists attacked a police post in Bukit Kepong more than 50 years ago. These fallen victims of terror by the communists, some of whom were women and children burnt were alive by the communists as their men and fathers stood their ground and defended the Bukit Kepong police post and nearby village against the communist onslaught are chided as villains, and their attackers are hailed as “the real” heroes.

Mat Sabu’s reasoning : the fallen policemen and their families worked for the british, therefore they do not deserve to be called heroes.

Let me say this Mat Sabu, if you say the communists are heroes, then condoning their “heroic actions” such as burning women and children alive in their own homes speak much about yourself as a human being and your character as a leader and politician.

Think Daschaw, Krakow and the third Reich “holding” camps set up by Hilter during WW2.

Ends will justify means, i guess.

Ramadhan Mubarak

Its Ramadhan once again.

For Muslims worldwide, this August marks the coming of the holy month of Ramadhan, the holiest of months in the muslim calendar.

A time when muslims abstain from eating, drinking and from other inappropriate behaviours; it is also a month for muslims to contemplate life and its hardships by day, and also to reflect and adhere themselves to the Almighty by night through prayers and other forms of worship and supplications.

As for me, I am trying to balance this, as well as with quite an active work and community functions. The challenge lies in finding the middle ground, or awsataha or balance between family, work and community activities, whilst still trying to find time to feed the need for the spiritual thirst one usually feels in the deep nights of Ramadhan.

May we all find what we are looking for this Ramadhan, and may all our ibadah and supplications be granted and rewarded by the Almighty.

Ramadhan Mubarak to all.

The life we lead

Its been a long time coming. I have not been writing for a while and it seems my English, for the most part has been quite rusty.

I wish I could do more in this blog, but time envies us and limits what I can do with my time.
I am trying to ensure some sort of work life balance is achieved, but this indeed comes to no avail at the career path that I am choosing at the moment.

Being actively involved in community work, with a career in a politically elected office and also a family life sometimes causes one not to have the life balance and personal time that one would wish.

However, when you love what you do then you will not regret the life we lead.


fever season

I think as of last week or so, almost everyone I know have had, or have known someone who’ve come down with fever, or the flu of some sort.

This sudden change in weather, with heavy rains in the evening is certainly taking its toll on the health of the population, I think.

Me, personally, I was hit hard by the flu, taking almost 2 weeks to recover. In hindsight, the longer recovery time is perhaps due to myself not taking enough time to recover before going off to work again.

On another note, this week has been very interesting indeed. Among other things, there is news that former PKR sour-grapes deputy president hopeful, Dato Zaid Ibrahim has formally joined AKIM, a minority fringe party based in Kelantan, and is formally leading it now, and re branding it as a party now known as KITA.

I hope the revamping and leading of this new party goes well for him, as frankly speaking he has a tough journey ahead. But, positively I am sure the AKIM hardcore did not mind their AGM being held for the first time in the plush surroundings of the Tropikana Golf Club…revamped indeed.

On other fronts, the PR MP’s whipped up a storm today over the suspension of Anwar from parliament. For me, this is kinda going into the area of flogging a dead horse for what its worth, really. I mean, the privileges committee did give Anwar 1 week to answer on his statement about the govt and APCO, and he refused to do so, knowing full well he did not have the evidence to back his allegations. So, they decided to stage a riot in parliament, intentionally getting the ire of the speaker, who is a no nonsense guy, and I must admit, Dato Pandikar is pretty fair in sorting out both govt and opposition MP’s when they stray out of line.

Or perhaps all this bru ha ha is only to cover up recent Wikileak news cables, fully stating that the Aussies and Singgy’s knew that Anwar did sodomise that Saiful kid?

The latter stands to reason as being the obvious choice as to why the MP’s went on their rant today, as to cover this issue up and hoping it will all blow away!

You tell me, who wouldn’t be in a feverish rant if everyone he knows, even his foreign friends are slowly backing away and turning their backs against him? Or would turning one’s back to Anwar constitute to “setting a trap” that he’d willingly walk into?

Perhaps only Anwar and Mr Assange’s diciples in Wikileaks hold the answer!

late shift

Another late shift tonight. Late night work, although sometimes maybe entertaining, but for the most part is energy draining and time wasting.

I have not been spending time with the little one as I should and it makes me feel that much guilty, no matter how important the job sounds at that particular time.

For the most part of this blog, I might be rambling due to lack of sleep and immense tiredness, but the salient point that I am trying to make is, I guess that in life priorities need to be straightened out.

I am truly trying to figure out whether I have mine in the correct order….

Travels in India

I am currently on a working visit with my boss in India.

Having never been to the biggest democracy in the world, we came under the cloud of a monsoon rain due to some cyclone effect along the bay of bengal, and also a week when the Congress Party under Manmohan Singh came under attack for a 2G license scandal that saw the cabinet minister for telecoms and IT resigned in disgrace over the whole affair.

The Indian PM, seen by many in the world as a moderate and prudent administrator, administrating India on behalf of Sonya Gandhi’s ruling Congress Party, sees his reputation tarnished and perceived as a procrastinator when it comes to acting on key allies within the coalition government, heavily involved in abuse of power.

From what I have picked up here, even the Supreme Court has gotten into the fray by asking affidavits to be handed in on the PM’s behalf.

I think that this is the one and only time in which the opposition has the chance to attack the PM’s government after a long period of prosperity and good economic growth and they are relishing this chance to bring the man down from his high pedestal.

Their antics here makes me miss the antics of our politicians at home, with their usual squabbling in even the smallest of issues.

But the food in India has been great, and I believe I have gained added tonnage the more days I have been here, due to the richness and delightful food we are served on a daily basis.

Salam Aidil adha

As the day of wuquf in Arafah passes, in the quest to perform the holy ritual of Hajj, Muslims everywhere will celebrate what will be a day of celebration in remembrance of the father of all Abrahamic religions, the holy prophet Abraham a.s and his faithfulness to the Almighty in testing the faith of the holy prophet in observing His commands.

As I am writing on the eve of the celebrations, allow me to once again offer my best wishes and ask for forgiveness for any wrongdoing that I may have committed.

May we all aspire to be better individuals, and this festive day bring many blessings to all of us and our families.

However modest or lavish your celebrations this year, please spare a thought to our flood victims in the northern part of the peninsular, whom I am sure are still struggling to get their homes and affairs in order, courtesy of the recent flooding. My thoughts are with them, and I hope they get through the celebrations with the dignity, bravery and sense of community which they showed during the disaster.

For me, its a short celebration this year, as I am working the very afternoon of Eid, accompanying my boss to his working visit to India.

How life takes you places, sometimes quite unexpectedly.

Salam Aidil adha from me, maaf zahir dan batin.

A blissful weekend at home

Had a chance this weekend, out of many hectic and work-filled weekend to chill out with my family.

Just realised how much I missed the many developments that have happened, including the more cheeky antics of my son. He started the day for example, by pinching my nostrils, to force me to wake up and play with him.

How I wish I can afford more quality time with the family…

Alas, one cannot have his cake, with cream and eat it just like that.

It definitely takes time, effort and determination to achieve one’s goal.

I hope it will all be worth it in the end.

In Kedah II – SK Seberang Nyonya Award Day

Just finished officiating the awards day celebration at SK Seberang Nyonya. From the principals report and speech, I could see UPSR pass rates only add up to about 50 percent of total class population, which means half of these boys/girls do not proceed to secondary school.

The school is defined as a rural area school, and these schools tend to do less well when compared to their more urban brethren. Its not that they do not have the talent or infrastructure, its just that in some cases parents don’t take initiative towards their children’s growth in education.

I say more could be done to make parents, especially from more rural and less developed areas see the importance of their child’s education. In this school’s case, most parent’s are fishermen, and the hard slog to earn a living by the father sometimes makes them focus less on their child’s development’s at school, which is mostly left to the mother, some of whom are only educated at the primary school level. The vicious circle is then inherited to the child…

I tried, in my officiating speech to stress on how only the mastery of knowledge can lead us to a better and more developed state of affairs, not only to our nation, but also to their child as individuals.

As seen during the golden age of Islam, and compared to the state of things now, how we as muslims are weak and defenceless from our enemies, is due to one salient point – the difference between then and now is that, now we do not have the necessary mastery of knowledge to develop the means to defend and elevate our ummah.

Hope the message got through to the parents at some level…