Nothing to say really……

Well, its been a while since i have written anything, so i guess it would be a good period to look back on what has been happening lately.

Well, i have been spending more and more time getting knowledge and training in my work area, and trips to the netherlands are now getting more and more frequent. I only flew last week to Rijkswijk to get “on-boarded” into the organisation.

At the same time, the company i’m currently working on reported record profits (the first time in years its done so) with about 150 % replacement of oil reserves, which is a big achievement for an oil company. I am sensing positive attitudes all round, instead of the normal doom, gloom and pessimistic vibes i’ve been seeing; 6 months on. The CEO must be doing something right then, i guess.

 On the political front, it seems that Tun Dr. Mahathir, the ex- PM is rumoured to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He made no comments on the rumours, but I’m sure its good to hear some good news after all the things he’s had to endure from his own ex-cabinet; most of whom he took under his wing and nurtured their career (I’m not naming names, but our now DPM is one such example).

 I think the months ahead would lead to more positive news, and I am starting to see the relevance of most of the documents i have been digesting over the past 5 months……i think finally i will get to see them put into practise; and possibly get some travel time in as well.

In an effort to stay positive i keep reminding myself that there is only 4 months to go before my wife finishes her degree and we’d all be here in Chester, enjoying the English Spring.

 Thats 120 more days to go…give or take.

Better start counting now!


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