Foot in mouth Syndrome

I think this week anyone who is from outside Malaysia would have a good laugh if they browse through our local papers. There have been many humourous quotes from the very top public life personalities. I do not know whether these quotes are made up, or if they just have a “public life” death wish.I do not wish to comment more on what has been said but suffice to say that a summary would show you what I mean: 

Datuk Abu Hasan Din Al- Hafiz, one of our more respected religious scholars and privy advisor to the Yang di- Pertuan Agong made quite a gaffe by suggesting that women wear chastity belts. As he addressed an open crowd in one of his speeches, he highlighted the importance of his is in order to prevent them from being the victims of so called “sex maniacs” and would make their husbands feel much more secure.  I would suggest  that the only way for us to solve murders is just to arm everyone in Malaysia to the teeth with assault rifles…….well…. at least now I make as much sense as he does! And I like to be associated with “smart” people…  

The fluent Tamil speaking UMNO “Malay Princes” Youth or Putera UMNO leader Datuk Azeez Abdul Rahim, suggested to the government use Mat Rempits to bust crime. They apparently will get rewarded by RM 50 everytime they thwart a snatch-robbery and if the exceed 30 “busts”; they will be rewarded with a brand-spanking new motorcycle to modify as they please and race themselves to an early grave! What a brilliant idea…And what makes you think for one minute that the Mat Rempits; upon thwarting the criminals, would not ransack the contents of the stolen wallet or purse, which would probably be worth more than RM 50?! I wonder who elected this “brilliant” guy leader?!

Datuk Azeez, who is well known for his rumoured rendevous with the police in a raid whilst “relaxing” in a well known prostitution den is the apt and much  respected leader of the Putera UMNO whom are trying to reach out to the Mat Rempits and lead them away from a life of racing, drugs and pimping their girlfriends for allegedly RM 20. I am sure that topping up an extra RM 30 from their pimping revenues will make all the difference!

Snoop dogg ( always claiming to be a pimp in his songs) would oh…be ever so proud of these guys as the Mat Rempits are living up the gangster utopian dream; although in much cheaper clothing, uglier women and no Cristal Champagne (would be substituted with either cough medication or cheap samsu!). What will they think of next….bohsia’s as PA’s for our MP’s ? I’m sure our esteemed and honourable Members of Parliament wont mind participating in this “scheme”!

See…..even I can come up with “brilliant” ideas, and I am not even trying. We shall have to wait till the end of the week to see who will top these two; in Malaysia…..where idiots RULE!! 


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