A Challenge for Pemuda UMNO Alor Star and ADUN Alor Mengkudu

I have been browsing through the net quite a lot lately. A lot of my work involves research and reading scientific reference materials in order to do any actual physical experimental work.

I would imagine the ratio of reading to actual practical work at the moment is like 20:1, so to numb away the pain of all that scientific mumbo-jumbo circling around my head i usually entertain myself reading the news or useless general knowledge or facts off wikipedia or the net…….anyway i justify it as expanding my knowledge base, rather than chatting or youtube browsing; which is the usual staple of entertainment around here.

 I was nicely surprised whilst browsing to find that Pemuda UMNO Alor Star actually is trying to move into the 21st century by developing a website of their own. I was initially very impressed by it (being a member of the movement through my local branch) ; until i discovered that the damn thing didn’t actually work!!

This is a typical example a half baked job from the Pemuda UMNO! I would like to point out that Pemuda UMNO at one point was the moral compass and agitator group in UMNO; sounding off at anything that did not suit the movement’s vision or any obvious injustice or lack of care from the leadership to the grassroot Malays.

Lately, my impression ( and i believe most people’s) of them is limited them being a bunch of young-wannabes; kow-towing to the higgest bidder; where principles can be bartered for a lucrative government contract.

I even remember briefly last year when i was home; when Tun Mahathir was criticising Pak Lah, he held a session at Putra Hotel in Alor Star. Guess how many Alor Star Pemuda UMNO boys who had the chutzpah to go and listen to what TDM had to say?!! Go on, have a guess! Most of the young people there are either KMU or Gen-M activists; with the Alor Star Pemuda preferring to play it safe and thus saving their own little cohones from the chopping block!

I would hope that the Pemuda movement sort out their mess, and be bold and brave as most hot-blooded young men would be. Be passionate in politics, and never turn back on your principles regardless of what is offered on or under the table! I believe that we as the future of Malaysia would be so much better off if we just had 1 Pemuda leader that can stick to his guns and never kow-tow to fame, fortune or women (in any order of preference!).

 Or at least sort out your website; its nice to look at but as with anything associated with the Pemuda, its actually pretty useless!


As i said, i do like to read the news and ponder through useless websites, building a menagerie of useless information for my own personal enjoyment. Imagine my delight when i browsed through Utusan Malaysia today, and an issue very close to home came up!

In the forum section, a lady with the acronym of Pn Ayu complained about the lack of public transportation a.k.a the bus service in Jalan Alor Mengkudu, Alor Star.

Now being a local from around the area, i know what she is actually talking about. The area is quite cut-off from any public transportation; and unlike KL where you get everything from the LRT to your humble bus and “teksi sapu”, most people (even kids) get around in motorbikes or cars to work or shop in the nearby town of simpang kuala.

Well, my advise to Pn. Ayu is that this sort of public query should go to the public serviceman in charge of the area, and that would be the ADUN for Alor Mengkudu, YB Fadhil Hanafi. I am sure the YB would read the complaints of his constituents ; as highlighted in Utusan Malaysia and take prompt action.

Follow the link to get his personal details and even a mobile number. I am sure YB Fadhil would be happy to help, lest he’d be distracted with other matter than that of his constituents….now what could those distractions be? Maybe the RM 6 million in contracts for each division has been approved…and everyone is scrambling for it?! 

C’mon YB……..show us what you’re made of!

As per both examples, there is only one thing to conclude. I still remember a friend, whom lived in KL and just finished his degree in the states remarking that “things move slowly in Alor Star” when he visited me.

In both the cases above, i sure hope they don’t.


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