Kedah in the news

I bet today is not a good press day for my home state, Kedah. From what i’ve read in the news today, it makes sombre reading as people from Kedah appear in the news for reasons ranging from being slashed by a samurai sword to being forced to drink water tainted with faeces as a “rag” at our local airforce training college.

See below links to see what i mean:

1. Another victim steps up to the plate to complain to the ministry of defence about bullying in the Royal Airforce college. Treatment range from being kicked about by seniors to being forced to drink urine and water tainted with faeces.

Guess it helps build character?!

2. A man was slashed with  a samurai sword by his cousin after a dispute at a local coffee shop. He apparently suffered only minor injuries of 3 missing finger and a missing forearm, which his cousin ran away with (eh?!) . The coffee shop owner, upon investigation by the police, said he saw nothing! Can you blame the guy?

3.  3 kids from the rural Padang Sanai school here received several stitches each to their heads afer the english teacher decided to teach them a lesson. They did not turn out their english home work and the elegantly cunning english teacher decided to punish them by knocking them on the head with her high heel shoes. The school even told them to lie about it if their parents asked them…….now thats the sort of education that prepares you for life in the big bad world.

I expect in the next few days everyone (the kedah MB, education Ministry, NGOs) etc..etc will jump in the bandwagon and make arduous comments regarding these issues, and i am guessing that the english teacher will definitely get the worst outcome due to her imaginative use of a high heel shoe as a teaching aid. I wonder what Dato Hishamudin of the Ministry of Education will make of this…

For me, i am just sad at a very bad press day for Kedahans…..


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