Losing the political will to live

Damn it!

it has been a very depressing news week of late. One example is that we are slipping in the international transparency corruption rating………..but in tackling massive corruption, our government has stated that we should not care what the international standard says because we dont know what indicators they are using for their research.

 This is according to your beloved DPM. Maybe we should use the Malaysian  Book of Records as our benchmark….then we will be number 1 at everything!

Our people friendly tourism minister, Tengku Nan has upped the ante in gaining the ire of bloggers and perhaps  shortening his stint in politics by just being himself. He commented this week that most bloggers are unemployed women who lie most of the time. He even backed it up by quoting stupid statistics such as out of 10, 000 bloggers , 8,000 are unemployed and are pathological liars, and of course to put icing on the cake are women!!!

 I cant remember the last time Tengku Nan surveyed my nether regions but the last time i checked (which actually was showering this morning) i am still a man…

Since we are in the topic of generalisation….can i just generalise further by saying that all politicians are scum…..what would that make them feel?

How would muslims feel when all the world are generalising everyone with a beard and a surname that starts with bin and carrying a suitcase or a napsack as a flipping terrorist?!

Do not on to others lest you want them be done to you…thats what i say!

Today even Mohd Nor Yaakop (Finance Minister II ) started getting into the act by announcing RM 2.16 bil is allocated for small projects to F class contractors.

Another timed effort to show elections are near….or would the projects ever materialise…

we shall just have to wait and see.

For me at the moment…i just hate to read the news…..sometimes i find myself “sinfully” peeking at harian metro……please forgive me…….all this depressing news is hacking away at my political will to live!


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