Anwars buddy in the spotlight

I guess everybody’s heard the saying ” you are by the company you keep”.

 It is little wonder now, that the financial world is set ablaze by a new scandal emerging. It seems that Mr. Paul Wolfowitz, ex- advisor to the US administration and also leading head honco of the World Bank is now coming under fire with the latest scandal involving him, the world bank and his young girlfriend.

Mr. Wolfowitz; who is Mr. Anwar Ibrahims best friend managed to get him a job as lecturers in John Hopkins (he was a dean there), Cambridge  and Geogetown ( a Jesuit University where he has significant influence there) through his connections, and it seems he’s not adverse to using his connections in order to get some bedroom action as well, if you know what i mean!

It transpires that as the Head of The World Bank, Mr. Wolfowitz ordered the head of human resources in the World Bank to significantly increase the salary and promote his new girlfriend Shaha Riza. This pay increase is significantly out of line with World Bank standards, and the poor Head of HR had to report his ass to the conflict of interest committee in the Bank.

Its good to know that Mr. Anwar Ibrahim is keeping such good friends in tow…….

you know what they say, birds of a feather, stick together!


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