Back after looooong respite

On my account, it has been about 1 and a half month since i have written anything here.

From that point, i can honestly say a lot has happened and i am still now catching up with all the news and latest gossips in blogosphere.

Personally, a lot has happened. I’d taken harith danial on his first trip back to Malaysia, to see his grandparents, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins etc. Overall, it was ok, apart from him being sick from the heat! It took about 2 weeks before he was settling into the weather, and then after that we only had about 1 and a half weeks left of the trip. At times, i did feel sorry for the little guy for having to endure this, but i keep reminding myself that he needs to see his family and his roots, as if you dont know where you are from, then you will never know where you are going.

 I visited my mother in-law and spent 2 days on that side of the fence, the first time in 4 years of marriage. This has been tough over the years, especially to my wife, not having the family support that we all enjoy and take for granted. I have mixed feelings on this issue, and some of my feelings i shall hold back and not share here in blogosphere, as i deem them to be too personal. Sometimes i wonder why at all do we do the things we do, and make the decisions that we make, but those issues are for later and for my future therapist to sort out!

For me, the trip back was a good time to catch up on whats been happening in Malaysia, meet up old friends, new additions to the family and mourn the passing of loved ones. There was one particular visit that i did not manage to do this time round, and that was to visit and do supplications on the grave of my late grandfather.

I have always managed this previously; however this time round commitments on family and my work were too time consuming for me to do this. I promise next time round i will try and make it, Insha Allah.

 On the work front, it seems there is an imminent location move on the cards. At the moment, i know where i am going, but not sure when. To be perfectly honest, i dont really like the location of the next move, as i prefer to be in a more rural location rather that in a bustling metropolis, but  then the cards have been dealt and i guess you just have to play with the cards you get and make the most of it.

At the moment, i am looking forward to the future, and trying to figure out what to do next. I have this nagging feeling that something BIG is just around the corner, but not sure what it is ? If only i could predict the future………..surely i would be stockbroker!

 Oh well, back to the daily grind!


2 thoughts on “Back after looooong respite

  1. Manbidor says:

    Hi Matyat, welcome back..
    Just missed your writing..

  2. matyat says:

    thank you for your support

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