Lawyers – The backbone of Malaysian Society

I have been slowly ingesting all the local news in recent weeks, and to tell you the truth; lawyers in Malaysia must be furiously queing outside the Jaguar dealership at the rate this country is being ran.

It seems the gentile profession is having an unexpected boom! 

Firstly and most unignorably (because everyday this case gets on the front page!) the case of the Mongolian beauty, allegedly blown to smithereens by our elite police force. Theories are afoot on the how, the whys and the maybes of this case.

So far, I have heard about 10 version of “insider” information on exactly what happened. Stories ranged from Altantuya being the girlfriend/wife/translator to Razak Baginda to the more absurd version of Najib and Razak ( baginda I mean, not his dad) sharing him for the purposes of carnal pleasure, which in all honesty kinda grosed me out! 

On the whys of this case, theories ranged from Altantuyas son being najib or razaks son (it varies depending who you talk to); a comission deal gone wrong to plans afoot to topple our DPM, Najib Razak out of his seat via the use of this scandal. I am sure this case will be easy fodder to our journalists for the next coming months. 

Then there is the case of Eric Chia who was acquitted with CBT totalling RM 76.4 million. He exclaimed that justice was finally being done! My question is, where did all this money go to? Another case of kebocoran perhaps? 

Next, recently we have the case of Anwar against ex-boss and mentor Tun Mahathir. News today showed that Anwars suit against Tun M was quashed, with Anwar shouting and wailing to the international press on how a miscarriage of justice was carried out by the Malaysian judicial system to him, see BBC report here!

Obviously he cant trust the justice system in Malaysia then, as it is biased or prejudiced against him…….but this is not stopping him from appealing the case…..Well your guess is as good as mine when it comes to why the hell for?! since he always claimed that they were out to get him! Just don’t bother anymore.  I keep sensing that he will be written off in the next general elections and will surely be remembered in the anals of Malaysian political history as the guy that should have been but never was! 

Then there is the impending case of alleged corruption ranging from the Deputy Minister for  Internal Security, the Chief Minister of Sabah and Sarawak as well as allegedly how the IGP now is being dragged by web-bloggers into an “alleged” corruption scandal involving triads/gangsters etc.

Can you imagine if these become cases ? How much would the legal fees be?

We all know that the CM of Sabah and Sarawak are loaded to the brim with cash, e.g being the ex- CM of Sabah gambled away almost RM 8 mil in a London casino a few years back! And I have not even touched about all the rapes, murders, death by accidents, suits and countersuits, khalwat cases of us mere mortals, or the hoy – palloy. 

Well kids, if you are finishing SPM, look up law as a potential career move. With so much prospect on offer and so many high profile cases on the horizon, it’s the best career you could ever hope for!


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