And finally, the truth!

Thank you for at least being truthful. 

It has been one of the longest conflicts in modern history. It was declared won almost 4 years ago, but in reality the fighting, death and destruction still goes on. 

I am talking about the Iraq War, or the Iraq invasion. Iraq, a cradle of civilisation for over 5000 years, having been a seat of power of the Roman, Mesopotamian and even the Muslim Caliphate is now a scene of human injustice, greed and a never ending circle of violence.  

 Since the outbreak of the conflict, everyone except for the Americans and the British have said that the bottom line of this war is only about one thing; to feed the Western worlds addiction in oil. Iraq, blessed (or cursed depending on how you look at it) with over 16 % of the worlds hydrocarbon resource is a prime target for takeover. A regime, hostile to the West under Saddam Hussein made it almost impossible for the west  to secure their oil supplies. Thus the proclamation of war, some quarters argue.

 However, from the British and American point of view,  the official standpoint is that it was about regime change. It was about bringing democracy to the Middle East and all other things good from the West.

According to Mr Bush, the war had already been won in 2003. But what ensued was a bloody conflict, which threaten to destroy a country and even the region itself…..oh how the misjudged the situation. 

Today, it comes as a breath of fresh air that the Australia government admitted ( although not wholeheartedly) that the only reason their troops were deployed to Iraq was to secure their oil supply!  

You’ve got to hand it to the Aussies. At least they are honest! 


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