nothing to report

at the moment i have nothing to report really. Just came back from 2 days in amsterdam and am absolutely shattered.

 Went over to epoi’s house to catch up and have dinner. Well he landed pretty well in amsterdam, a nice cosy place, a nice job, a new car and basically they are sorted for the next 4 years.

 Meanwhile, in matyat land things are not as concrete as i would hope. I hate this sense of living in vaugeness, not knowing what i am going to be doing in the next year.

 On the issue of my job, at the moment it varies from me spending 6 months to 1 year in amsterdam, to transferring me to the many operating units for LNG we have in the world……..all in nice exotic places you wouldn’t want to send you worst enemies to.

 But i do like a challenge, and i enjoy living away from civilisation.

Living in  a modern, western civilisation makes you soft, i guess. I watched the River cottage treatment  – a tv show where guests get to see what animals really look like away from the plastic wrap they buy their meat in, and this one guy was crying when a few sheep were slaughtered….What the hell was that about?! We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and this guy was crying and the next bit showed him tucking into some meat pies or something to the same effect. I mean the hypocracy!

Well…enough useless thought and crap for now. I am trying to muster some strength into commenting on some political news, but its useless.

I’m too depressed at the state of affairs in Malaysia. I will be back once pak lah comes back from holiday….

hey…dont blame me..i am just following our leader!


3 thoughts on “nothing to report

  1. enaikay says:

    Hey Dr matyat! i heard from epoi about you visited him and what not. Im sure you’ll have better time in amsterdam, you are going to be the jejaka melayu ke-2 terakhir after epoi.. hahaha. cheer up dude!

  2. matyat says:

    ala nik,…boring la amsterdam…semua benda mahal etc..its a very touristy town.

    maybe aku ni stuck in comfort zone di birm ni kot…makan senang, makanan halal byk..masjid kiri kanan ada….macam dok mesia cuma “kaum” je beza skit.

    anyway….texas apa cerita?

  3. enaikay says:

    Yat, aku dok kat area kampung je. nothing interesting sgt, makanan halal takde. kena drive 1.5hrs baru boleh dapat yg halal or else seafood je la. but, having a car is such a bless la since US is very large. bila nak mai jalan2 sini?

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