Paperwork…the work of the devil

Well today i started out work in quite a cheerful mood….you know, a good sunny morning which is becoming quite rare in Chester nowadays. I turned on my laptop this morning to be innundated with emails RE: transfer to Amsterdam!

 Yes, its finally happened. I am being transferred to Amsterdam.

What struck me the most was that i  this was offered to me a few years ago, i would have jumped up and down, rolled round and shouted in excitement at the prospect of going to liberal, fun, exotic, high inducing amsterdam! But guess what?

 now all i think about is how much tax are they going to take out my wages and what the local nurseries are going to be like?! Are the roads and buildings pram-friendly? Will we find a house with a garden/park nearby so that harith can practise his walking and perhaps have a run around in the grass?! And i am not even talking about the good kind of grass, if you get what i mean…….

Sheesh,…I keep thinking to myself, when did i become this boring old fart?! Damn I’m a boring, irate sod!

I guess being a parent will just automatically pull your ass kicking and screaming into adulthood and responsibilityville at double quick speed!

 Well, i have spent the last 3 hours or so studying at what needs to be done to get this transfer through, and frankly it involves pushing a helll of a lot of paper ( paperwork kids!) and jumping through the bearaucracy ( well i dont know how to spell…do i?) of the dutch immigration system!

I absolutely hate paperwork. It gets on my nerves and does my head in, frankly. Well i guess you have to do what you have to do.

 I could just take the easy way out and ask Epoi what he did when they were moved to Amsterdam….

but that would be too easy? I am sure epoi can spell it out for me.


5 thoughts on “Paperwork…the work of the devil

  1. enaikay says:

    aloq staq – tepen – leicester – birm – aceh – china – chester – amsterdam… did i miss anything? hehe. let the journey continues. one day when u look back, u’ll be amazed with where u’ve been all this while. be proud man!

  2. Aini says:

    all the best in the relocation. hopefully everything will turn out OK insya allah.

    so lambat lagi la balik mesia ni?

  3. matyat says:

    nik….nak buat macam mana…rezeki aku jadi org merantau la kot…kalau ikut org2 tua katanya mesti ada taik lalat kat kaki..tapi aku cek2 tadak pun!

    Aini, dlm 2-3 thn ni tak balik lagi kot. tapi tarikan nak balik tu ada…dah lama sgt merantau.
    ada gak rasa bersalah sebab tak serve negara walaupun pakai duit biasiswa kerajaan masa study dulu.

    Maybe nanti kot! Insha Allah

  4. Amed says:

    Muahahahahha kawan baik epoi rupanya hang nih…PULUN!!!!!

  5. mecque says:

    dah settle dah????
    turun lagi nanti roger2 k…..

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