A tiring weekend

What a weekend!

 Well it all started thursday night when we packed our bags (mine being the smallest and hariths bag being way…way to big) to head back to birmingham. We headed out from chester at about 6 pm, trying miss the traffic on the M56 and M6, which i will testify, will make anyone wish they were not born, if you ever get the pleasure of experiencing it!

Anyway, half way through our journey, we as parents realised that we left all of hariths essential feeding bottles behind in the steriliser! D’oh…..

However, we did have a back-up plan. We had in birmingham a few bottles left when we moved, although they were crap (never buy tommy tipee bottles, folks…they leak and annoy you to no end!) but they serve the purpose.

Arriving in Birmingham, we spent our time Saturday with some grocery shopping, visiting Nur Fatin Nadiah, who now is blooming and almost 1 month old. I even had the pleasure of listening to Awang relating to me tales of his sleepless nights as a result of Fatin having colic. Well, welcome to the parenting world awang…..was what kept replaying in my head.

We did some shopping for food headed back home in freer road. Later that evening, we went and visited hafy and yati, as pak chaq had arrived from alor star to replace boy who will be returning to aloq staq after a six month stint in birmingham….how time just passes by. I picked up my documents and baju raya which my my mom sent with pak chaq ( all green), which luckily all seem to fit us fine. Well i guess thats the hari raya shopping sorted out.

 Later that evening, i had the pleasure of accompanying kak ina to the Citys A & E, as she was shivering, although she had a temperature of 40 degress, and having an asthma attack at the same time. Within half and hour, she was seen to and was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Fuh. We later picked her up at 11. 30 that evening after the doctors treated her with some oxygen and sent her home with a coterie of medical goodies, enough to keep her comfortable for the next few weeks. My day ended at 12 pm after there was nothing on the TV worth watching and there was no coffee in the house to keep me going…damn!

Early sunday morning, we’d planned with awang n co, effa and kak ina to go for some toy hunting at studley car boot. I wasnt sure about kak ina though, as she was very sick last night, but she insisted that she needed the exercise.It was a very nice sunny day, and almost too hot , at 23-25 degrees (just look at me complaining…..ceh..kat mesia org temperature 35 degrees org rilek ja!).

We found a few toys for harith and went home around 12 pm. I was soo tired, had lunch and just dozed off. Woke up around 5 pm and drove straight home.

 Damn, feel like a gypsy with all this travelling around. But i guess will have to get used to it, what with the pending transfer looming.

Would like to spend a weekend of just doing nothing and waking up at 10 am, but then harith would probably wake up at 7 am and start jumping up and down and slapping my face for attention………

 Why cant he take after dear old dad and be a lazy bum……


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