Racism and Islamophobia in Malaysia

I saw today in the news a section on Harian Metro, covering a news section about a “creative” young Chinese Malaysian rapping in Chinese of course to the sound of Negaraku, which he aptly titled Negarakuku….i dont know whether this is a chinese pun, but obviously this boy did not do very well in his Bahasa Malaysia SPM.

 Out of curiousity, i searched the web and found an english subtitled version of his song, and basically i was shocked.

I know perhaps that the boy was joking, but i think he touched on sensitivities and on aspects of Malay culture that i am sure he does not have full understanding, such as religion, the athan and also why muslim women cover up.

I mean, likening the call to prayer ( the athan) to R & B and a cockerel crowing is just offensive. I dont care how liberal an understanding of islam you may have, but this is just insulting.

He also hinted on how lazy the bumiputras (myself included) are in his song, and how the chinese have had to work hard for a living in Malaysia; how they are being hounded out of the country for studying in chinese schools etc…etc… To be frank i dont care what he says about the government or the police, but to insult half the population of Malaysia in your song is uncalled for.

So he is stereotyping Malays and Bumiputras (org aslis, siam, portugese, kadazan, iban, murut, dusun, org laut etc) as lazy, slow and always being protected by the government, and he expects the Malays just sit down and take it, because, hell its just a joke  by a boy, isn’t it.

 I feel more and more insulted by this guy as i write this entry.

So, if my 18 year old, university undergraduate friend who stereotyped the  chinese as illegal dvd pedalling, prostitute pimping, estacy dealing, illegal nombor ekor selling triad members, then of course i would reject this as i have a chinese friends and they are very much the opposite of the stereotypes.

They are well respected members of the community as well as professionals in their own right.

 So this video, by NAMAWEE or real name Wee Meng Chee has come as a shock to many, including myself. I have the feeling that this boy is trying to pry open Malaysia’s very own pandoras box, as Malays, Bumiputra and Muslims do not tolerate insults on their creed and religion very kindly. You can call these people as intolerant conservatives, or stuck in the past, but i would say that they are just proud to be Bumiputra and Muslim. 

Boy o boy, Wee Meng Chee you’ve done it this time. The wave of discontent i feel is just rising since this has been given mainstream coverage. I fear the reprecussion of this “funny” video clip is beyond what he or i can imagine.

To judge for yourself the video clip, click on link here .


10 thoughts on “Racism and Islamophobia in Malaysia

  1. Lim says:

    Hey bro, with regards to name wee’s rap i guess sometimes truth r hard to accept u knoe wat I’m saying? Itz true that wif no offence again tat prayers do sound like rap off keyed, and itz a well known fact tat the matas r well known for their corruption.And put it this way, i’m sure that there r smart malays too however why is there this NEP thingy? Is it that malays r too weak to compete with the other races tat they need that extra help/advantage or watever u wanna call it? And also pls islam begin somewhere in the desert of persia and us ur brains to even think of it, the climate there is so different in malaysia.Is there a need to cover up and protect, ok lets say itz for modesty then i wud think itz against the ideology tat women wif tudung shud not even apply makeup nce they r not even supposed to attract attention from the opposite sex! Period.

  2. matyat says:

    My friend, if you want to comment, first of all get your facts right.

    1. There are plenty of smart malays who achieve on their own without the help of the government. I am a product of NEP, however i only received a scholarship to pursue my degree and finished off my PhD after i got my grant from the UK university i was in.

    In my case i did not get NEP because i was Malay. I got NEP help because i was from a low income family ( yes….) ; like many other chinese and indians that got a JPA/Petronas Scholarship that year.

    Did i also not mention that i got 8As in my GCSE equivalent exam. Do you think that they let any tom dick and harry get the scholarship?

    2. Islam did not start in the deserts of Persia, as Muhammad ( p.b.u.h) the Prophet of Islam was a citizen of the Hijaz, which is within the Arab Peninsular, and not Persia, which is on the other side of the read sea. He did not start Islam, we as Muslims believe that Islam was always in existence since Adam, and Muhammad in many of his sayings (hadith) mentioned links with earlier prophets such as Abraham and Ishmael.

    About wearing the headscarf, it is about ensuring modesty and dignity of the of the Muslim women is kept, and she is not subject to leering eyes and unwanted attention, and has nothing to do about culture or what the weather was like 1400 years ago. Again in my view the wearing of the headscarf is termed wajib/compulsory in islam, but it is in the end the choice of the woman herself what to do with her body, and who are you to judge if she decides she wants to cover her modesty and her body from leering eyes and peverted gazes?!!!

    It is so immature if you can only provide these points of argument to justify this vulgar music video which insults 1 in 6 of the worlds population (yes muslims are over 1.5 billion worldwide and growing) and their way of life.

    Its also a shame that you choose to make your argument by insulting the Muslim culture and way of life, which i hold dear; without even making the slightest efffor to understand its history, principles and philosophy. You might just be amazed at what you will learn!

    If you choose to further comment regarding this issue in this manner then you are not welcomed at this site.

  3. kayy says:

    Guess the Chinese, just like the Indon or Mynamar find it hard to accept.. they are just kaum pendatang…The Malays will have to hold the fort against their onslaught..

  4. kayy says:

    The most corruption minded people are the chinese..read The Economist on Pakistan..people without moral culture..economic animals..guess who are the biggest giver of corruption.. its their way of life..

  5. zainon says:

    waa..matyat,salam, aku baru terjumpa blog hang. baguih..baguih sekali.

    Lim tu bodo..dia tak penah dengar lecture hamza yusuf, nine hundred years of andalusia.
    in that lecture, he said that the 4-4-2 in rock/rap beat was copied by musician since andalusian empire from our greatest kalimah.

  6. Samuel700 says:

    This song is offensive but its not without its truth. You are perfectly justified to voice your displeasure with the song. Are the other races not justified to voice theirs as well?
    There are numerous weblinks on racism in Malaysia. Of course, we know that there are well-deserved Malays who have made their own way without the need to be subjected to the preferential treatment by our Government. On the other hand, these NEPs and other archaic political policies are unfair and unjust in this modern times.
    Please do not be offended by my views. I am sure that I do not stand alone on this.

  7. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. ExMsia says:

    I totally agree with the song is ugly and nasty. And blanketly give a negative impression of the malays and muslims.

    You can accuse the young boy and NAMAWEE being ignorant and stupid. However, you can not say the same thing about the Malaysian government which is institutionally racist. The incident with Datuk Ahmad Ismail is prime example of racism that operates in the government. Until the government roots out racism from its ranks sadly this will continue to fester.

    Oh, by the way when did the definition of “bumiputra” excludes malays and include a string of other ethnics?

  9. Maurice says:

    I think this is just a small matter. In Youtube, there are hundred of millions of videos talking about Bush, the US president and the government. And just because one guy is very upset about how the country is treating him and for what he think not just him, so he made a video out of it. Then when Malaysia set their eyes on the video, they make a big deal out of it. As if the whole Islamic kingdom will collapse. What I mean is, if you don’t like what you see, then forget about it. I watched videos on Youtube about Malays beating up Chinese students. I didn’t say anything out of it, because I know the government wont support me, or my race. Or even the whole Chinese community brought the issue up, the wont make any big deal out of it either, so what should they make this such a big deal? If people wants to be racist and beat up other people then that’s their problem, no matter what you say to that guy or put him into jail isn’t going to change anything to society. So all we need to do is to be tolerant with third world country acts.

  10. Great site, I will be back. Well done

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