The alternative history lesson

Have been surfing the web for some research material when found this blog site, apparently from the “actual” heir apparent to the ancient  kingdom of Kedah.

Its a totally flipside version of the history of Kedah and some of our more ancient gravesites and archeological relics found dotted in and around kedah.

Well this rumour of the existence of an “alternative” (meaning actual, real or the righful) dynasty to the Kedah throne have been around for quite a while, especially in the more remote areas in northern Kedah, where the Siam speaking Kedah Malay are of majority.

 Some of the theories or stories seems plausible, while others just seems so mythical ( as ancient history around these area always go hand in hand with giants, garudas and other mythical beings to give it a little kick).

Check it out for yourself and see what you think. Most of it in Bahasa Malaysia with some interesting references to English references.

 Does it make sense?


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