Current events ……very depresssing

Its been such a long time since I have written anything. In this period, a lot since has happened.Politically, we saw the 2008 Budget being tabled, although some claimed that the figures don’t exactly match.

I am sorry to report also that the recent announcement that students in the UK, US and Canada will get up to a 97 % increase in their monthly stipend may not also be a reality. In birmingham for example, the stated increase will be 30 %, which I guess is better than nothing.As I am writing this at the moment, the judicial world is undergoing crisis with an expose by Anwar Ibrahim of the now infamous VK Lingam tapes.

The lawyers marched to Putrajaya to express their concern and protest of the situation, a special commision set up but I would think in the governments eyes they will still see the problem as a  “NO BIGGIE” and will go into the “still to do” pile.

We also saw the sad outcome of missing little girl, Nurin Jazlin whom sadly passed on from this world under violent circumstances. What she suffered cannot be described in words I must imagine, for a little girl of 8 years old. She tugged on the Malaysian publics heartstrings as to her demise showed how dangerous and evil some members of Malaysian society now are today.

I would think that in urban areas, gone are the days when children can run freely outside of the house and go out and play in their friend’s house or discover the neighbourhood……out of fear of being molested, kidnapped or worst murdered by some sick member of society, whom in most cases may be the neighbour next door or the friendly uncle from the neighbourhood. 

How sad to see in the midst of all this progress, our old values of kinsmanship, the communal spirit of gotong-royong and caring about one another has all but evaporated along with our perspirations in chasing our dream of a more developed Malaysia. Perhaps we are too busy trying to chase the almighty dollar to realise that society is crumbling all around us. We are sacrificing our spiritual and moral intelect for the pursuit of material gains… i fear the pursuit will end in vain as material wealth often only serve to try and fill an empty spiritual void.

I fear by the time we realise this, and i mean we as a nation; it would be too late to turn back.

sombering thought for us in Ramadhan and for the Hari Raya ahead.


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