Ramadhan is ending…

I am trying to post on a daily basis in this blog at the moment. I am sure at some point in time it will serve as to release some of my daily pressures of work. 

Well, saying that it will take a lot of self-dicipline and as any of my MRSM teachers will tell you, that is not one of my strongest fortes. 

As I write this, it is at the moment the 3rd week of Ramadhan, and the first week of October. I find it relatively easy fasting this year, and the off chance of my colleagues going to lunch or “dinner” as they say here in the north of england, gives me some peace and quiet and time to contemplate without having the buzz of all round refinery testing action going on everywhere and heated discussions on the flaws of some automated sampling device going hay-wire at the corridor. 

At the moment Harith Danial now is walking and running around for the most part of the day, which makes Lina quite tired during the day. He is also starting to be picky at what he eats, and always demands a taster portion before any decent size morsel of food goes any further pass his lips.

We are trying to encourage him to steer away from what his ayah is used to eat ( unhealthily I might add) and make him partake of more fruits and vegetables, which he doesn’t seem to mind. However, he is very partial to strawberries  which will cause problems and burn holes in my pockets if we were ever to go back to Malaysia.

 I would like to educate him on the finer fruits that we have in Malaysia but seeing as how a mangosteen costs about £1 per fruit, not to mention the scarcity of other fruits palatable to children his age such as rambutans, langsats or the cringe inducing cermai I guess this lesson will have to be postponed for now. 

He is now keeping to his 7 pm bedtime almost with clockwork efficiency, however will wake up at 10 pm and 6 am to have a bottle fo water or milk, which I find weird at his age.

He is also interacting better with people and by interacting I mean he insists on starting the day when  I get dressed for work by shouting as loud as he can to get my attention! 

We are generally very comfortable in chester at the moment, with our own little lives and little things that we do as a family unit. I do not know what disruptions will happen once we start our move to amsterdam, if it ever happens. 

We will be celebrating hari raya in my old haunt, birmingham but that is 2 weeks away, well……. almost.  


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