Dispicable people

For the last few weeks, we have been following closely how a young girl, Nurin Jazlin was kidnapped, brutally assaulted and murdered for unknown reasons, by an unknown assailant or assailants and at that point, her young life was tragically ended by acts of horror that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

 I cannot imagine how her parents and family must have felt like, when they endured the uncertainty of her being missing, then facing up to the reality of her murder and how she was treated during the last days of her life. We all, as citizens urged our leaders and the police to catch whoever it was responsible for her murder……..everybody was shouting out the same thing that the sound was almost deafening.

 For a moment it seems, the authorities have put their backs into the case, even to the extent of getting help from FBI professionals in order to catch the killer.

I did not expect that the authorities can let us down soooooo easily.

Its been widely reported a few days ago that the autopsy pictures of Nurin Jazlins tortured body has been doing rounds on the internet via e-mail. This is most disturbing indeed, as it seems even in death this child has had to endure this kind of indignity. From early statements being published so far, the hospital authorities have been ruled out as the source of the pictorial leaks. Thus, this points to only one other source, which is inside the police.

I felt physically sick when i read the news item regarding this. Trust me, for those who know me personally, they can testify that it takes quite a lot to make me feel sick…and this one takes the biscuit!

Its sickening enough having to read that someone is doing this to an innocent child whose demise touched us all, but imagine what the parents must be feeling to know that even in death their beautiful daughter is the subject of such a disgusting and dispicable act!

 I am not sure what sort of sick person would get kicks from displaying an abused child’s body for the whole world to see, but i beg the police to catch this crazy pervert and give him a well deserved kicking!


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