Deleting of political postings

I have but a short announcement to make.

You may realise at this moment in time i have deleted a lot of political postings that have been available on this blog.

 I have deleted these posting on account of some new information that has come to light regarding certain issues, relationships and figures in the Malaysian political scene. These information were made privy to myself recently by certain members of my immediate family. 

In light of the information, further leaving the deleted postings on my site would cause a conflict of interest and  an abandonment of one of my guiding principles which i hold very dear in life which is “never cause harm or turn your back on family”.

This principle holds true for me regardless of situation, political standing, material posession or what ever else that everyone else holds dear. Please also note that i do this with a sincere heart, and have not been coerced or forced in any way, shape or form in implementing these changes.

I know that my posting seems a bit coded or weird, but to those who are close to me and even my family members will understand what i am rambling on about.

 To all visitors, i think its still not to late to wish all Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin as we beg forgiveness from all of you if we have ever wronged you.

…. from my humble self, wife Sharifah and our beloved son Harith Danial.


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