I pity the fool….not!

I have been ravaciously reading through the news and one particular news item stuck out to me like a sore thumb, and the news did not even had a political figure in sight.Yesterday it was reported in Harian Metro (yes….the all-knowing tabloid which is the Harian Metro, first-born tabloid and rivalled only in fitlth by KOSMO).

The news item reports on a 28 year old man, whom on trying to coax his under-age 14 year old girlfriend to have intimate relations with him, accidentally hanged himself on a rubber tree using his own belt.

I mean, you could look at this news item in so many different ways, and I am guessing the good people at Harian Metro just took this news at face value and reported it as an incident that happened in Kuantan, Pahang.

If you look closely at the report and analyse it you can see something, which is far more sinister. This 28-year-old adult male has a 14-year-old girlfriend, and if that’s not paedophilia, I don’t know what is!!

The news report even carried the statement that the man was coaxing his young girlfriend to have sex with him, and tried to prove his sincerity by “pretending” to want to kill himself if the girl declines?! In the UK, that would be tantamount to peer pressuring and grooming the girl for sex, and guess what? It’s very-very – very illegal and is only perpetrated by the lowliest of human scum!

 In the end, they guy got his just desserts and accidentally killed himself whilst staring in his own soap-suicide drama. Imagine if he’d gotten away with it, how many more girls from the same village would he have abused!

Wake up people, our minors are being abused and we are nonchalant about this. These sorts of crimes are the most despicable, because they target the most vulnerable in society.

To be honest, I have no pity for the guy who kicked the bucket under the rubber tree, as I am sure he will be getting his comeuppance in the Here after.

May Allah have mercy on us all and protect us and all our families from the unscrupulous acts of others.


One thought on “I pity the fool….not!

  1. uhm says:

    uh maybe he was not trying to hang himself to prove his sincerity.. have you heard of ppl choking or applying light strangulation to their necks to enhance sexual pleasure or get high? the use belts and ropes or stuff of that nature. for all you know, the girl might be voluntarily involved in the drama.
    i got to know bout it on oprah. kids in america do that to get high and end up dying of asphyxiation due to the lack of oxygen to the brain. i also got to know bout the sexual thing on csi. and try to google it. its real.

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