New Lease of life…temporarily

Well, I am back again. I am trying hard at this point in time not to get distracted and leave this blog unattended for long periods of time.

I am not making promises but here goes.

Things that have caught my eye these past few weeks :

1. Karpal Singh blunder on the right of the sultans on religious matters : RE : the Perak director issue is gathering pace. I do hope they teach him some manners; ideally somewhere more private, i.e during incarceration as the glimmers of arrogance is shining brightly on this DAP Chairman.

Perhaps he is getting cocky on the recent PRU big win? Perhaps he does not yet realise that the Pakatan Rakyat is riding on a wave of protest and not of solid support. I am telling you, their bubble will burst and the political scrummage and backtracking afterwards will get nasty!

2. High oil prices : the same guy who last year predicted oil will break the magic $100 /barrel mark has predicted that oil will reach $200 per barrel any time soon. The government is moaning that subsidies are up to RM 45 billion. The right thing to do is to start making a consious effort to cut down travel, where unnecessary ( I am talking to you…yes you the 3.0 litre gas-guzzler driving freak who needs to drive 10++ miles to get a glass of teh tarik) as i am sure we will feel the pinch sooner or later.

Or perhaps we should do as the Americans do, be in denial and say…look guys the credit crunch is ending?!


In general, I am preparing myself for the final trip back to Malaysia (this time permanently settling there…we hope) and embarking on a new career path.


Lets see where this adventure takes us shall we?


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