Penang Syariah Court Ruling: Any comments from Pakatan Rakyat ?

The syariah courts have always been a refuge for religious opinions and rulings to be enforced and carried out in our country.The latest development in Penang is certainly most worrying, for myself as a Muslim.

The question ” WHATEVER NEXT?” springs to mind.

I find it really hard to stomach that the Pakatan Rakyat lets this one slip by and will take a step back and see what the government says first before making a comment.I am sure PAS and PKR being the majority Malay/Muslim parties in Pakatan Rakyat will have some sort of comment on this issue? All the tok gurus in PAS should make their opinions known to their colleagues in DAP and lets now test whether they can become a credible “GOVERNMENT IN WAITING” by seeing how mature they are at debating this issue!

I feel that somehow PAS will keep quiet on this issue as long as they can. I know a few PAS supporters who will be up in arms about this issue.

I for one feel that the commitment to enter into Islam in the first place should not be taken lightly as this lady has done, and therefore the consequences of doing so should be borne on the shoulders of her as a person and not for the state to decide. But I am certainly no ulama and cannot make a ruling on this issue.

But saying that, i have witnessed Muslims behaving in a far worst way than their Non-Muslim friends. Just go to any club in KL on a weekend to see what  I mean.

However, i do state the fact that the erosion of the Malay/Muslim power base in Malaysia have somehow expediated this as we see daily there are challenges upon challenges to everything that the Malay/Muslim majority hold dear, e.g DEB, powers of the sultan, and even the way we administrate our religious laws.

I think this is of some particular interest overseas as even the BBC is covering it.

For the local news coverage see here. For the bbc link, its here.

May Allah S.W.T have mercy and give guidance to us all.


2 thoughts on “Penang Syariah Court Ruling: Any comments from Pakatan Rakyat ?

  1. razman says:

    if she had not been practicing Islam… why did she convert to islam in the first place ???

  2. matyat says:

    i think she conveniently converted into Islam to get married to an Iranian guy…….thats the problem.

    I think conversions into Islam needs to be better scrutinised to ensure that this does not happen.

    I am afraid that there may come a time where people might convert in to Islam and try to declare murtad just to prove a point with our judicial system just to set a precendent.

    Once you open this flood gate then there is no telling to what this will lead to.

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