Questions day

Well true to form, from the previous post i did highlight the deafening silence of all the Malays/Muslim MPs from Pakatan Rakyat regarding all the issues that is currently very “hot” in our country.

So this is the list of questions that i would ask them just to grill them properly, and make sure they are worthy (as they claim) to be the next government. The list is non-exhaustive, but these few are the key issues:

1. Their own stand on the Sultan Perak vs. Karpal Singh issue?

2. The Penang Syariah court ruling which brought about a deafening silence especially in PAS…what do they really think of this?

3. DAP urging Anwar Ibrahim to consult PAS and “encourage” the latter to drop the Islamic State agenda once and for all from their blood stream. I wonder, what does all the PAS MPs think of this?

4. If they do form a government, can they outline a whos-who list of who will be PM, TPM, Finance Minister, Home Minister etc etc. It would be good to know who they plan to take care of what?

5. How did they let Loh Gwo Burn an MP who does not even speak Malay to be a member of Parliament when the official language is Bahasa Malaysia. How is he deemed fit to serve when he does not even speak the language of the constituents and the working language of Parliament?

6. Do they condone the disruptive behaviour of their MPs in Parliament insisting on debating meagre points of order instead of the business of governance in Parliament?

7. What is their stand on the HINDRAF indian demands especially what was stated on their petition? Do the accept all points when the decided key HINDRAF member M. Manoharan should be represented in government or is it all just a publicity stunt?

8. What about the difference in opinion between Karpal Singh and PAS supremo Nik Aziz? Are both 100 % sure about working together or is it just a marriage of convenience?

9. The usage of the word Allah to be allowed by certain Christian groups in Malaysia apparently supported by a Selangor PAS supremo?

10. Is it moral to ask MPs to jump ship from BN to Pakatan Rakyat for the sake of power? Do you really value them as colleagues or are they just a stepping stone to power? Is it moral when 10 months ago, they we all for the “MP anti-jumping laws” to be tabled. Now it seems the opposition has had a change of heart?

I applaud Ibrahim Ali for at least mentioning the obvious by saying that they should make known their stand on these issues.

To all the opposition MPs, especially the Malay/Muslims among you, please see the wider, clearer picture. As the old Malay adage goes, TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA.

May Allah have mercy on us All.


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