Anwar Ibrahim for the future – Hope NOT!

The honeymoon could be over for Mr. Anwar Ibrahim.

He has been riding high on the PR’s recent tsunami win during the 12th Malaysian polls but things are about to change.

In Malaysia the rules of politics could not be simpler. NEVER associate yourself with a dodgy foreign power. You can trade and do business with them, but never cosy up to them…whatever you do.

In a new development Jerlun MP Dato Mukhriz Mahathir made a startling revelation that Anwar now heads a “semi-independent foundation to promote democracy” known as The Foundation for the Future.

This looks well and good until you realise that this semi-independent NGO geared to promote democracy is mainly funded by the US State government to the tune of $30++ million dollars. this issue is stirring up some discontent in the US as well, as shown from the blogpiece on the issue, where even the Americans dont know how much they have given away, how much is being spent and who is actually in control.

However, there is a more sinister twist to the issue.

It seems that Shaha Riza, girlfriend to Paul Wolfowitz, a certain neo-con – best friend of Anwar Ibrahim has also been recruited to work there under loan from the World Bank…..ahhh…what better place to cool off from scandal than an NGO with huge coffers funding projects to promote “DEMOCRACY” the American Way.

The extent of Paul Wolfowitz ( the so-called architect of the US – Afghanistan/Iraq War) and Anwars friendship is well documented in the media. It extends to the extent that  Mr. Wolfowitz took time from his busy schedule to write a glowing remark to Anwar when he was named one of Time Magazine’s most influential personalities. You can see the personal tribute by Paul to his good friend Anwar here.

Perhaps the role of this Foundation for the Future is to liberate Malaysia and import  the democracy and transparency that we so desperately need in  Malaysia since we are so oppressed!

 You know, just the sort of liberation and democracy that Afghanistan and Iraq has right now!

If you don’t get the sarcasm in the last paragraph then there is no use to read any further.

So now we have a Malay-Muslim politician in cahoots with a Pro-Israeli conservative Christian Neo-Con. They are good friends and since the girlfriend of the Pro-Israeli Neo-Con is in trouble for being given too much money when they worked together in a bank, the Malay-Muslim decides to give her a job on Uncle Sam’s payroll because the Pro-Israeli Neo-Con helped him get 2 professorship jobs when the Malay-Muslim was released from prison.

Makes Sense? Sure does to me.

So, Mr Anwar and co, champion of transparency and democracy… can you fight for transparency when clearly you are pulling favours on each other on a grand international scale? If this doesnt smack of cronyism, nepotism and corruption then we probably need to change the definition of these words in the dictionary!

May Allah S.W.T keep us all in Malaysia safe from tyranny and unforseen dangers.



One thought on “Anwar Ibrahim for the future – Hope NOT!

  1. Azrir says:

    Better get the devil we know than the angel we dont know to be our PM

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