Shocking News – Tun M quits UMNO

I think this is the most shocking news since the election.

As it stands Tun Mahathir Mohamad, former PM, UMNO President and one of the founder member of UMNO has announced that he is to quit.

He made the announcement in Alor Star, and has asked all UMNO members to leave the party as long as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is still President and to return only after a shift of power to occur and Abdullah is replaced.

Tun M is going for broke, however I must humbly disagree on his move. Although it serves to prove a point, but urging everyone who wants Abdullah out to quit the party would surely mean that whats left in UMNO will only be the people who are actually supporters of Pak Lah.

So how would the change in leadership occur come December if theoretically everyone who is against Pak Lah is out of the party?

Hmmmmmm…………….. ( make that a very long hmmmmm…..)


The game is getting more complicated. Lets see what happens!


4 thoughts on “Shocking News – Tun M quits UMNO

  1. razman says:

    i concur that the malaysian political scene is getting more and more complicated

  2. zz says:

    let us pray its outcome to benefit us in all aspects.

  3. Epong says:

    Mat Yat oi..

    aku tag hang.. pi blog aku tgk..

    saja laaa nak main aci kejaq..


  4. Maurice says:

    When I think about the malaysian government, I think about them taking money out of my wallet and buying nice cars and big building, and all the unnecessary gadgets that we wont use until it gets rusted. Or simply the best, keeping my money in a foreign bank account under their name. And why is that so?

    The answer is, I think everyone should get a chance to make a change. Just like in US…

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