its been a while

its been a while since i’ve logged on this blog to be honest….much has changed, personally as well as in my working life.

I am currently based in Malaysia, and the change in lifestyle has had its ups and downs….however i believe this will be for the best in the long run.

I keep thinking what subject matter to write about in my blog, as initially i thought it should be in the context of Malaysian politics.

However, after a long, hard think i figured i shouldn’t limit what i write here…i should just type and set my thoughts ( at the time of writing, be it rational or not, comprehensible to the other person or otherwise) and put it in writing.

Sure, it may seem unrational at this point in time, but i believe this effort will be worth it in years to come.

Only time will tell. Well in the mean time, I am getting ready for an outstation mission…hope everything pans out ok!


One thought on “its been a while

  1. razman sarit says:

    hello, where are you working at? we should get together have coffee etc

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