A Promise to myself, and the NEM

I promised myself for the umptheen time to try and revive this blog of mine. It has lain dormant for the last 1-2 years, partly due to laziness, overworked and also finding time to sit down and write anything which is partially of use to readers have become a drag in itself.

Therefore i promise myself to do better.

I promise to try and update the blog at least once in every two days, not just on matters of political importance, but could also be a mix of other things that might tickle my fancy at the time.

I will try and use mobile technology to do this…I find it fiddly and an annoyance at the best of times, but will try and discipline myself to doing this, I hope.

This aside, I followed YAB PM’s speech on the New Economic Model (NEM) that he has planned for the nation. In retrospect, the plan is bold, taking into account the global economic needs and alligning Malaysia to this.

I believe the PM is sincere in his wish to see Malaysia go and grow further, to develop the people’s income base to the next level and also prepare our national economic ecosystem for what the global markets may throw at us. His plan is brave, his will is resolute, but I still believe there also needs to be acceptance from the public sector and also co-operation from the private sector if we ever hope to see any serious transformation to the way things are done at the moment.

I hope that the PM can strive to do away with the red tape thats choking our private sector and the “kow-tow or die” arrogance of some of our most senior public sector figures in adopting change or even listening to new ideas. Its fine and dandy if the new idea comes from the PM, but imagine if the new idea comes from a subordinate, especially within the public sector.

Overall, the message from the PM is clear, knowledge and our mastery of it in all sectors and the pursuit of resolving old problems through innovation is what will take us to the next level. For more details on what the big man said, please see here.


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