Travelling around and recent goings on

In a cyber cafe in kedah at the moment. Observing teens wasting their time away with video games, while me, the “old” guy faithfully hacking away at trying to finish my bos’s speech.

Its true what someone qouted me a long time ago, or a line in a movie ( i sincerely can’t remember which one….guess this is what comes when you get older) in that youth is wasted on the young, and wisdom is wasted on the elderly.

Anyway, on a more upbeat note, i am in kedah attending an event where Dato Mukhriz will be officiating, here at the local level in Kuala Kedah. I wait in anticipation as to what the Dato has to say. I sincerely think he has a lot to carry on his shoulders, what with the people ( and i mean almost everyone in kedah) expecting him to be as smooth an operator, as sharp as and as talented and envision as his beloved old man.

Bear in mind that this is home turf, and over these here parts, people adore his father. So, them are mighty big shoes in which the people expect him to fill.

I saw tonight the highlights shown on TV1 of Dato Najib’s 1 year at the helm of the nation, and although corny as this may sound, I was inspired!

In the one year he has been PM, he has managed, well at least in my view to take us back to the feel good levels we the rakyat once enjoyed with the administration of yesteryear. This is such a far cry from the previous administration, where their each,every step and policy move is greeted by the rakyat by snide remarks, suspicion and below the belt comments on how “so and so” is making money from the nation’s coffers.

How one man can make such a difference in one year is truly awe inspiring. He has managed to gain the trust of the people, and sure enough his policies, or back tracking on some proposed policies (GST comes to mind) currently shows that the PM very close and in touch with the pulse of the people. Lets hope the feel good factor lasts, and i sincerely hope he is well advised in making sure he honours the people first, performance now motto which is the tagline of his administration. Even in the states where BN has been worse for wear, e.g in Perak, the mood of the people is changing.

I am sure all this cannot be good news for the Pakatan folk. They must be itching to try and get some dirt, or at least cause a stir to win back some lost ground. After a poor showing in the past few weeks in parliament, where they were, in my opinion “kickboxed” to within an inch of their lives, I am sure the Pakatan leadership needs to re-group and re – strategise.

Let’s see what the Hulu Selangor by election has to offer…it would be a great cap on the feather of the BN, if and only if they can get the right candidate. I am sure this is on top of the PM’s to do list at the moment!


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