Kedah to the finals….

Yup hijau-kuning fans, tomorrow kedah will take on negri sembilan in the FA finals……

I am sure that this will come as great news to not only football fans, but all kedahans.On my frequent trips back home to alor star, visiting relatives and also friends in other districts in kedah, i sincerely believe that kedahans really need a boost like this, and of course a win to cheer them up.

Why am i saying this? Well since the state has been taken over by PAS, things have gotten from bad to worse. We had all sorts of issues, from failure to collect rubbish and clean the city, to the water privatisation exercise thats leaving villagers in pendang, sik and pokok sena areas without running tap water to almost a year, the dilapidated state of our towns and tourist attraction like langkawi under the state care (or not) and the disregard of social well being of the people, especially the poor in general has been for the most part duly to the inexperience and blase’ attitude of our menteri besar…ustaz azizan.

There is even a joke going round as to say the acronym SADA which stands for ‘Syarikat Air Darul Aman’ is now being called ‘Syarikat Air Dato Azizan’.

But welfare of the people is no joke.

last week, a poor couple from alor mengkudu, a small village in alor star was evicted from their rented room in which the 5 of them have been living for the past few years simply because they reported their sorry state of affairs to UMNO and the newspapers, whom came in and offeres immediate assistance.

Oh by the way, i should also mention that the couples shabby rented room was directly behind the service centre for Alor Mengkudu state representative (ADUN) and state exco from PAS, a certain person by the name of Dr Ismail.

from my view, not only you did not help them, dr ismail but you left it to your local PAS thugs to intimidate and kick these poor people out on the streets! Shame on you!

I guess all this talk of ‘kedah sejahtera’ from PAS is just a bare-faced lie…..i am sure the people in the alor mengkudu state seat cant wait for the next general election to teach this scumbag dr ismail a lesson!

On a more cheerful note….Pulun Kedah Pulun! The people are in dire need of some good news!


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