Pulun Kedah Pulun

just finished attending a high tea cum feeding session with kedah supporters from the kuala kedah parliamentary area. Dato latt was generous enough to sponsor 5 busses so that the kuala kedah folk were truly represented in the kedah-negri sembilan match up tonight.

Prepared the high tea feast for 5 busses, but unfortunately 2 buses made it, whilst the 3 other busses were side-tracked to bukit jalil stadium…

a big thank you to the juara tomyam folk in kg baru, our host for the a fternoon, for their great effort and also taking the extra effort in packing the rest of the food so that our guests from the remaining 3 ‘side tracked’ busses would not go hungry this evening.

All in all, a good a fternoon spent, and hopefully the cheers from their contented bellies will spur team to win the FA cup! Pulun Kedah Pulun!


2 thoughts on “Pulun Kedah Pulun

  1. Amir says:

    alamak bro…kedah kena balun laa….

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