Too many things to say…

There is sooo much going on in the Malaysian political scene, that one commentator alone is lost for words. However, I will try to give my points of view to some….here goes.

1. The teoh beng hock saga – apparently Dr. Porhntip ( i hope i got the spelling right!) does not want to testify for fear of her safety…I personally think it has more to do with her not being able to back her first claim that upon reading the first autopsy reports, she was 80 % sure that Teoh was killed before he fell from the SPRM building in Shah Alam.

I fail to see the logic, if the government out of its so called “evil scheming and plotting” would choose to “kill off” the one person whom would be a credible witness to any wrong doings of the Pakatan Government in Selangor!

There must be a reason as to why the good Dr. does not want to testify. Earlier in the Selangor DUN session, the Mentri Besar did announce that Dr. Pornthip’s fee was forked out from the state government’s coffers, but refuses to divulge how much….are all these things linked? My guess is as good as yours!

2. The Malaysian government consultancy group, APCO Worldwide has been under fire for apparently being Zionist in its linkages and accepting contracts from the Malaysian government and apparently coming up with the 1Malaysia concept, which mimics the One Israel campaign a few years back.

This is an attempt by the Pakatan folks to derail the momentum of the 1Malaysia movement, which slowly but surely gaining support from the people. Politics aside, if you want zionist links, you dont have to go far….look at companies like PWC, Arthur Andersen.. petro companies such as Exxon and Shell and even service and consumables companies such as Starbucks, Marks n Spencers , Coca Cola n Levis all have, to some extent zionist links if you really look deep enough or hard enough. So…what are they trying to prove….Anwar himself is very much linked with the KAF (Konrad Adenauer Foundation) which is uber – zionist to the core.

So, Pakatan is trying to portray themselves as being anti – zionist to the core, but overlooking its own chink in the armour.

So many other things to talk about…so little time…so guess that’s all for now.


One thought on “Too many things to say…

  1. HarakahDaily says:

    Tulisan yang baik dan pengajaran yang bermakna 🙂

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