Hulu Selangor, ooo Hulu Selangor

I have been privilaged to have been involved in the BN campaign in the Hulu Selangor by – election. The team, led by my boss we posted in the Batang Kali area, an area with a good mix of Indian, Malays and Orang Asli voters. Overall, our campaign was very civilised, there were no derogatory statements made about anyone, and we did not accuse anyone of anything. My boss just stated the case of why the voters should choose the current BN government through the BN candidate Mr ( or now YB) P. Kamalanathan.

Look at the track record of the government, my boss said and evaluate on whether the BN has done a good job for the people, when compared to the current Pakatan state government. Make up your own mind was the key of the campaign.

That approach led to the voting box or ” peti undi” under my boss’s command to increase its majority from a 1 vote majority to BN in 2008 to a majority of 541 to BN in this by – election. A resounding success, I would say, without any words uttered in malice!

Yesterday and today, we see the Pakatan going all “sour grapes” on us. At the national level, They are blaming everyone, from the PM to the election commission, and even blaming one another, to malfunction within the machinery due to a certain setpol running away with a lot of cash, with one PAS member blog even blaming the PKR and the “jahil” attitude of the Hulu Selangor people.

Why do the Pakatan behave like this? We shall never know! Perhaps its because they have been winning the last 8 or 9 elections, that they have lost any sense of balance and all have inflated egos, ready to march to Putrajaya in PRU 13.

In hindsight, the victory although sweet to BN, is also a wake up call to the top leadership. One survey qouted that less than 25 % of the Chinese voters gave their vote to the BN, despite many of their problems and issues being resolved by the govt during the by – election, and the good service and many increased perks the Najib government has given to the Chinese community. Heck, even the PM graced them with his presence during last minute campaigning in Hulu Selangor, as this PM is more in touch with the goings on and the pulse of the people, especially during the critical closing rounds of the Hulu by – election.

One blogo – news portal today wrote an article on the lack of chinese support, which whilst some may find shocking, but I can truly say has been an unspoken truth for sooo long!

In my view, that is why the 1Malaysia concept came in at the right time. We still have time to remedy this, and shape our nation to a better future.

Truly, I believe the Malays currently are not united and is considered a weak political element within the national political scene. We are splintered 3 ways through various national political parties that we are seen as weak and very dependent.

But believe you me, when worst comes to worst, the Malays will one day heed the call to unite as we did before Merdeka, and we will once again be a political force to be reckoned with.

I shall wait onto that day, and pray to Allah that our top leaders shall find it in their hearts to heed this call.


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