Sibu state of mind!

The results of the Sibu by – election are in, and DAP won with a slim majority of less than 400 votes.

Sibu, which used to be a BN fortress under the late Dato Robert Lau now lay in ashes and under DAP control.

DAP now has 2 MP’s from Sarawak, and I believe they will make more inroads soon.

Some analysts have already been jumping the gun and showcasing on how the Chinese are not giving BN votes. More will join the bandwagon soon.
If this trend keeps up, I wonder what will be the status qou of races will be like in the next general election. Some quarters, especially with more extreme views are asking the govt to just “forget” about chinese votes altogether, and just concentrate on the Malays and bumis, benefits, perks and all.

For simple logic on chinese politics and how it should be, read the revelation of the late Dato Robert Lau’s final blog posting. No wonder the man can hold the Sibu seat to BN for soo long.

Perhaps this by – election will serve as a reminder to us all. The future is in our hands, and what we do now, shall be looked upon by our children in the future!


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