My new article in mstar – floods in Kedah

My new article in mstar deals with the fact that the Kedah state government, with all its call towards a Kedah Sejahtera, has been found wanting when delivering aid and comfort to the people in their hour of need.

My article here:

True enough, when it came to the sticking point, with areas in Kedah including its capital Alor Star were hit with the worst flooding in recent history, we see the state lawmakers in PAS become clueless as to what they are supposed to do during these moments of disaster.

Luckily, the federal mechanisms put in place through Majlis Keselamatan Negara, MKN and the many federal agencies operating within the state leapt into action to assist the people in need, from transporting victims stranded in high flood waters, to registration of victims and the manning of flood evacuation centres were conducted with swift and dare I say it, sterling efficiency.

The state government could not be counted upon even to supply victims and the remaining people of the state with clean water. As the flood waters rose, the rakyat and flood victims found themselves without clean water for 3 whole days. Kinda ironic when the whole state is festooned to the britches with rampaging flood water. SADA, the state owned private water company, is as incompetent as ever. Areas where I personally visited saw Jabatan Pertanian handling water logistics to the victims in the evacuation centres, as SADA could not be contacted or chose not to be made available during the peak period of the flooding. Truly disgraceful!

All in all, the flooding this time around will put in place millions worth of damages, not only in terms of damages incurred on behalf of the victims, but also will definitely put a severe dent in the local economy, as most of the agricultural areas, such as paddy fields, fish farms and plantations were severely affected.

The incompetency of the PAS state government in handling this whole matter is truly unforgivable. Their promise of a Kedah Sejahtera is nothing more than mere rhetoric, served up to the people willing to give them a chance.

Even the Menteri Besar, took his sweet time to visit the victims. He only visited the flood victims, some of whom are not 500 metres from his official residence, during the 3rd day of the floods. He sure took his own sweet time when it comes to the welfare of the people. As a sign of protest, in one evacuation centre he tried to visit, he was not allowed to step out of his car and was unceremoniously asked to drive out of the compounds. A fate deservedly so, for a Menteri Besar of such arrogance!

As Muslims, we should take “iktibar” of this whole affair. There must be “hikmah” within the floodings, and it shows one thing, the PAS state government cares not for the people!

I say, no more. Take heed Kedahans, lets make a change in the next general election!


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