In Kedah II – SK Seberang Nyonya Award Day

Just finished officiating the awards day celebration at SK Seberang Nyonya. From the principals report and speech, I could see UPSR pass rates only add up to about 50 percent of total class population, which means half of these boys/girls do not proceed to secondary school.

The school is defined as a rural area school, and these schools tend to do less well when compared to their more urban brethren. Its not that they do not have the talent or infrastructure, its just that in some cases parents don’t take initiative towards their children’s growth in education.

I say more could be done to make parents, especially from more rural and less developed areas see the importance of their child’s education. In this school’s case, most parent’s are fishermen, and the hard slog to earn a living by the father sometimes makes them focus less on their child’s development’s at school, which is mostly left to the mother, some of whom are only educated at the primary school level. The vicious circle is then inherited to the child…

I tried, in my officiating speech to stress on how only the mastery of knowledge can lead us to a better and more developed state of affairs, not only to our nation, but also to their child as individuals.

As seen during the golden age of Islam, and compared to the state of things now, how we as muslims are weak and defenceless from our enemies, is due to one salient point – the difference between then and now is that, now we do not have the necessary mastery of knowledge to develop the means to defend and elevate our ummah.

Hope the message got through to the parents at some level…


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