Salam Aidil adha

As the day of wuquf in Arafah passes, in the quest to perform the holy ritual of Hajj, Muslims everywhere will celebrate what will be a day of celebration in remembrance of the father of all Abrahamic religions, the holy prophet Abraham a.s and his faithfulness to the Almighty in testing the faith of the holy prophet in observing His commands.

As I am writing on the eve of the celebrations, allow me to once again offer my best wishes and ask for forgiveness for any wrongdoing that I may have committed.

May we all aspire to be better individuals, and this festive day bring many blessings to all of us and our families.

However modest or lavish your celebrations this year, please spare a thought to our flood victims in the northern part of the peninsular, whom I am sure are still struggling to get their homes and affairs in order, courtesy of the recent flooding. My thoughts are with them, and I hope they get through the celebrations with the dignity, bravery and sense of community which they showed during the disaster.

For me, its a short celebration this year, as I am working the very afternoon of Eid, accompanying my boss to his working visit to India.

How life takes you places, sometimes quite unexpectedly.

Salam Aidil adha from me, maaf zahir dan batin.


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