fever season

I think as of last week or so, almost everyone I know have had, or have known someone who’ve come down with fever, or the flu of some sort.

This sudden change in weather, with heavy rains in the evening is certainly taking its toll on the health of the population, I think.

Me, personally, I was hit hard by the flu, taking almost 2 weeks to recover. In hindsight, the longer recovery time is perhaps due to myself not taking enough time to recover before going off to work again.

On another note, this week has been very interesting indeed. Among other things, there is news that former PKR sour-grapes deputy president hopeful, Dato Zaid Ibrahim has formally joined AKIM, a minority fringe party based in Kelantan, and is formally leading it now, and re branding it as a party now known as KITA.

I hope the revamping and leading of this new party goes well for him, as frankly speaking he has a tough journey ahead. But, positively I am sure the AKIM hardcore did not mind their AGM being held for the first time in the plush surroundings of the Tropikana Golf Club…revamped indeed.

On other fronts, the PR MP’s whipped up a storm today over the suspension of Anwar from parliament. For me, this is kinda going into the area of flogging a dead horse for what its worth, really. I mean, the privileges committee did give Anwar 1 week to answer on his statement about the govt and APCO, and he refused to do so, knowing full well he did not have the evidence to back his allegations. So, they decided to stage a riot in parliament, intentionally getting the ire of the speaker, who is a no nonsense guy, and I must admit, Dato Pandikar is pretty fair in sorting out both govt and opposition MP’s when they stray out of line.

Or perhaps all this bru ha ha is only to cover up recent Wikileak news cables, fully stating that the Aussies and Singgy’s knew that Anwar did sodomise that Saiful kid?

The latter stands to reason as being the obvious choice as to why the MP’s went on their rant today, as to cover this issue up and hoping it will all blow away!

You tell me, who wouldn’t be in a feverish rant if everyone he knows, even his foreign friends are slowly backing away and turning their backs against him? Or would turning one’s back to Anwar constitute to “setting a trap” that he’d willingly walk into?

Perhaps only Anwar and Mr Assange’s diciples in Wikileaks hold the answer!


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