Salam aidilfitri

As we head to the end of the holy month of Ramadhan and we enter the festive month of Syawal, allow me to first of all seek the outmost forgiveness and also offer my humble gratitude to the Almighty, for His allowance in enabling me finish and taste another glorious Ramadhan, filled with much barakah and foegiveness, especially for those who seek its bounties.

However in some circles things are much the same and it seems even in the holiest of months there will be no let up of fitnah and the usual verbal onslaught amongst people in the world of politics.

I was surprised and even angered to see that in the month of Ramadhan, muslim politicians, most of whom from the opposition side taking their own sweet time and dilly dallying when it comes to defending their faith and declaring their allegiance, as to whether they are faithful to the faith of Allah and its messenger or the must calculate and balance out political factoids when their faith and Islam as the official religion is challenged.

Please see the much covered JAIS – DUMC bru ha ha for more details. The way in which some politicians handling the matter is quite distasteful and even tantamount to revolting, especially actions undertaken by the Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. His lack of political backbone even when it comes to matters of self principle and faith, i find quite displeasing and speaks volume of his character as a person and a leader.

The spirit of Ramadhan and Eid is then once again tainted this year when it comes to light that the newly annointed PAS Deputy President, Mat Sabu chose to degrade a group of policemen and their families; all of whom were killed when the communists attacked a police post in Bukit Kepong more than 50 years ago. These fallen victims of terror by the communists, some of whom were women and children burnt were alive by the communists as their men and fathers stood their ground and defended the Bukit Kepong police post and nearby village against the communist onslaught are chided as villains, and their attackers are hailed as “the real” heroes.

Mat Sabu’s reasoning : the fallen policemen and their families worked for the british, therefore they do not deserve to be called heroes.

Let me say this Mat Sabu, if you say the communists are heroes, then condoning their “heroic actions” such as burning women and children alive in their own homes speak much about yourself as a human being and your character as a leader and politician.

Think Daschaw, Krakow and the third Reich “holding” camps set up by Hilter during WW2.

Ends will justify means, i guess.


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