Travel mode

Currently on a travel meet and greet tour with my boss in the middle east.

At the moment i can just shake my head at the extravagance and luxury in which petro dollars has brought upon these countries, especially in the Arabian peninsular and the Gulf region.

It really is amazing at what the emiratis and the saudis have been able to achive infrastructurally
and in terms of social mobilty wise using their petro dollars.

How ever I believe to stay relevant and to retain such wealth and the current lifestyle the peninsular arabs have grown accustomed to, their leaders must now need to think ahead and plan for sustanability.

My view is, with what they have, they way they are spending and the lavish developments they are embarking; this not their top priority.

A colleague of mine told me that 70 percent of electricity demand in Saudi Arabia comes from air conditioning. If this figure is true, then we can conclude simply this : the Saudis spend more on coolings themselves down than powering industry and economic activities.

And when you spend more in luxuries than on necessities and productivity, then you are a long, long way from achieving sustainability.


One thought on “Travel mode

  1. Azmi Ahmad Baharom says:

    Asalamualaikum Dr,
    Artikel tentang Kurd sangat menarik. Totonji Berzanji adalah antara nama keluarga popular Kurd selain Salehudin Ayubi.
    Bagaimana kita boleh berhubung untuk membicakan lebih lanjut tentang Kurd dan dispora umat Islam yang tertindas ini.

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