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Dr. Heazar “Matyat” Ismail originates from Kedah; the Rice Bowl State of Malaysia. Born in 1978, he is the 2nd son from 3 children from a family of modest civil servants; whose family in turn were farmers. Dr. Heazar Ismail was a child of the Malaysian NEP Initiative, and in his late teens was given a chance to further his studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

After graduating with a BEng in Chemical Engineering, Dr. Heazar then secured a research grant to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the UK Government. Awarded his PhD at 26, he worked for 2 years with an international development organisation co-ordinating relief and emergency projects in Indonesia during the 2005 Boxing Day Tsunami, Pakistan(Earthquake) and China before returning to his original training and taking up work as a Scientist with a Multinational Oil Giant.

Dr. Heazar Ismail in his limited spare time is a keen observer and grassroots activist of the Malaysian Political scene, with special affiliation and interest with the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the ruling party of Malaysia. Dr. Heazar Ismail himself is a branch member and also was a key activist in its student movement overseas since 1998.

Currently Dr. Heazar Ismail is an associate professor with a public university at the northern tip of the Malay Peninsular, but is seconded for what he terms as national service with a senior politician within the Ministry of Higher Education.

A firm believer in social justice and the principal belief of “amal makruf nahi mungkar” (literal translation “doing good and preventing wrong-doing”) is the responsibility of all Muslims, Dr. Heazar Ismail tries to disseminate his humble thoughts as his contribution towards change.


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. asmizar says:

    bro…we used to be in the same room when you’re “mistakenly” join sas 16 years ago, then you’re in the same batch with my late wife in taiping…and i never thought of finding you in this virtual world. small world huh? anyway, when u mentioned rijkswijk, i believe we’re working for the same company? i’ll be in den haag next week onwards until early march for some workshop & projects, perhaps we could go for teh tarik if you visit rijkswijk again?

    orang jitra.

  2. hey jitra man,

    its been a long time indeed. So glad you remembered my brief stay in SAS. Saying that we did share the same room and you were my next “bed” neighbour.

    sounds like we do work for the same company. We should meet up. I will probably be in amsterdam/den hag area sometime this month or early march.I’ll e-mail you with more details.

    takziah and so sorry about your wife. I only know of i girl from taiping who has passed on. She’s from kelantan? anyway…..we should keep in touch.

  3. haven says:

    Macam kenal tapi dimana yek? hmmmm….

  4. Dana Esperanto says:

    Assalamualaikum Bro,

    It’s been a long time to get in touch with you. How have you been?

    Get in touch…

  5. Amilin Mahir says:

    ihsan tepon aku td…… dia suruh aku masuk blog tepeng94/95….
    belek2 nampak blog hang…. sajer masuk….

    so bila nak dtg bintulu lagi hehehehe

  6. ami says:

    Ami lani tengah kursus 2 bulan di instun,free maila

  7. needa says:

    Hi Dr., just read your column in mStar about the phD ‘doctors’ in Malaysia. I totally agree with you!!! Naik menyampah sangat baca pasal mereka yang kononnya dapat title Dr. or Professor from Sri Lanka la, universiti celup kat UK and so on, dan ramai orang Malaysia yg tak boleh bezakan yg mana title yang tulen dan LOGIK dan yang mana bukan. Tu belum masuk lagi ‘doktor perubatan’ yang tak ada degree tapi praktis di klinik2. Hopefully something can be done about this.

    • matyat says:

      Memang….imagine the heartache of people who actually went to all the trouble of doing their PhD, more often than not giving up time with their spouses, family members and even jobs to get a PhD for the sake of gaining more knowledge.

      Tiba – tiba, all these “wannabes” flash their so called doctorates for the sake of their egos.

      The mind wonders sometimes how their mind works

  8. Yasmin (Alor Star) says:

    Salam…finaly dpt gak read bout you,..lama dok dgar cerita jer tp tk pnah jumpa .. well !! proud of u being as ex smkak n well done doing in ur life..
    keep it on.. akak will always be your silent supporter… go for what u want in life.. go for it!!!

    • matyat says:

      tq kak….apa yg ada pun hasil usaha dan doa mak bapak saya kot…selebih nya rezeki anak saya.

      Sekarang dah kat malaysia, kerja dengan kementerian pengajian tinggi.

  9. johan ariff says:

    Salam Matyat,

    Harap hang sihat. FYI, am back in Malaysia now. Kalau boleh nak mintak contact number hang, no. Aku 0123742944. Hopefuli, this comment doesn’t get published, heheh.

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