Travels in India

I am currently on a working visit with my boss in India.

Having never been to the biggest democracy in the world, we came under the cloud of a monsoon rain due to some cyclone effect along the bay of bengal, and also a week when the Congress Party under Manmohan Singh came under attack for a 2G license scandal that saw the cabinet minister for telecoms and IT resigned in disgrace over the whole affair.

The Indian PM, seen by many in the world as a moderate and prudent administrator, administrating India on behalf of Sonya Gandhi’s ruling Congress Party, sees his reputation tarnished and perceived as a procrastinator when it comes to acting on key allies within the coalition government, heavily involved in abuse of power.

From what I have picked up here, even the Supreme Court has gotten into the fray by asking affidavits to be handed in on the PM’s behalf.

I think that this is the one and only time in which the opposition has the chance to attack the PM’s government after a long period of prosperity and good economic growth and they are relishing this chance to bring the man down from his high pedestal.

Their antics here makes me miss the antics of our politicians at home, with their usual squabbling in even the smallest of issues.

But the food in India has been great, and I believe I have gained added tonnage the more days I have been here, due to the richness and delightful food we are served on a daily basis.


One thought on “Travels in India

  1. Amir says:

    teringat daku akan chester tandoori!

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